Once a desi maid, now my step mom! | Dad’s encounters


Hello FSI readers! This is a true story of our desi maid who had an affair with my father and soon became my step mom! This incident was when I am of 6- 7 years old just completed my KG and starting my 1st standard (class 1). It was a hot during the summer of 1995, I along with my elder brother, who is a Police officer now came from school with sweat in our face and in deep thrust. We came and left our school bag, changes our uniform and then ready for afternoon lunch. We were often brought by our dad from school or one of his worker. That day our dad took us from school and we 3 sit for lunch in dinning table. My dad (I guess age 35 ± then ) was a employee of State Govt Tax department in West Bengal and mom works in a Indian railway department.

After sitting for lunch our maid name Paro, who was 20 – 24 year old a married bengali lady without any child, who were in our house since 1 year arranged our lunch and while we were having our lunch our maid offering the food items. For the 1st time I noticed that she was very friendly with our dad, my dad making some funs in quotes and both they smiles, my brother was of class 3 mean 3rd standard student. He make comments in between and Paro asked him you are a small child and you don’t know this things. As I were also small I didn’t mind but I observed from that day, my dad was very friendly with Paro during day time, but straight forward during evening hours, I was unable to get it. What’s the reason. Even Paro makes very less fun in the evening dinner. Later on I studies that it was because the presence of my Mom Sabitri in the evening dinner.

Later more development were observed in next few weeks, as Paro start taking lunch with us means when our dad in lunch. And also just next to dad. But both of them act very straight during the evening. And more development took when Paro scold us for mischief my dad don’t sound a word to them. We use to fight for this infront of our mom but our dad make and describe very lightly that my mom don’t even take any action.
Later when we promoted to 2nd and 4th standard our dad got transferred to nearby district, we began to hire a school van. When ever he comes to visit us he usually comes on saturday afternoon we were outside for our regular sports activity with our neighbour kids. My dad wears a lungi and slept or take rest in afternoon very rarely. When ever we comes to our home for water or collecting our games accessories, we found our main door hooked or lock from inside. Later the door was opened by our dad or Paro. We didn’t mind this things . Gradually my eleder bro begins to notice and once he joked and said Paro “I was watching what you were doing ” she became aggressive and asked “what I had done ” he told him he just joked.

Once I knock at the door our dad came out while tying his Lungi and a spot of liquid drops were near his Penis area. I just went in and took some sport item and went to bathroom then it was Paro inside. I asked my dad while on my way out to field did you release urine?
He replied no, I asked it was seen in yout Penis area I pointed out with finger, he became angry and said it was water felt there.
It crosses another 1 year so and so. My dad transferred to home area and I were in 3rd standard and then my mom got transferred to another place. But she refuse to stay there alone she discuss with dad and made an option to take my elder brother or me with her. Dad ask her to take my bro with my mom and both agreed.
Later on I began to feel very angry and lone, I start making some friends. But missed by bro nad mom. My mom visit us once in a week or me and dad visit to them once in a week.
I grew up, but still very young.

My dad’s behave toward Paro chaning more and more. Now a days they don’t hook the door in any movement of the day. But he gift her very good Items as ear rings, chain, saree s etc. And take me and Paro to evening tour and buy me my wanted. And both Paro and dad buys inner garments items for Paro as Panty, bra and nightee. And also take her to beauty parlour. She gradually change to a beautiful lady . And previously she don’t wear nightee in our home. But now she began to wear nightee and even very short 1.
Forgot to mention she stay with her family previously but now she regularly stay with us since mom’s transferred and she took dual situation 1 for me another for dad.
One day dad gifted her panty, bra n nightee. When shopkeeper asked dad, for whom the things are needed my dad pointed towards Paro and said to shopkeeper for her my wife. When Paro was busy in watching new bed covers.
Later that day my curiosity increases and notice them more, she sat near my dad while watching TV at night, raise her legs to dad and even dad put his hand on her shoulder and make lot of funs. I was very quit because my dad give me all I want and my mom was not aware of such incident.
Paro has a very big boobs near about 34-36″ and hip waist 32 and 34 may be.. I just recolect it and I don’t have well idea of it at that age.

Paro sleep at next room to our mom and dad’s bedroom where my dad sleep in 1 bed and me in another bed.
One night I wake up for toilet and I heareda moaning voice of lady I screamed and show and I shocked. Paro and dad in doggy position I remain silent and notice what’s goig on, even I was unable to understand what is this is? Is a fun? Or a part of fun they do in evening?
Dad giving thrushes and Paro making soft moans. In between dad requst Paro not to make big moan as I may wake up.Paro ask ” so what?” To my dad. And dad describe if I know it it may become bid scandal.
She remain silent and after near about 15 minute of session I make a sound like I am waking up. They changed there position and Paro get into Blanket. I went to urine later I observed she was not in the bed.
I wake up soon, and go for study before getting ready for school. In this time Paro make our Breakfast, cleaned ouur room i.e sweep the floor and bath herself in our common bathroom and went to our bedroom. Where she take a long time, I peeped through the door side and watched, dad was holding his hand around Paro’s neck and Paro seating the bed near dad. So as I start to ready my school accessories, books. She came out and gave me the eatries, I dressed and went to school.

But I was in disturbance of mind during whole day at school that day. Various qustion arises in my mind. What they were doing on previous night.
On that day when I backed to home from school, I was searching for a question paper and I found some packet like swing gum or sweets. I was looking and studying what it is. I forgot what was the brand. Paro came in and asked me what I am looking for I gave it to her and she said it was dad’s medicine.
And she became angry began to scold me what is the necessary to search those things here. I argued her. She complained it to dad after he return from office he laughed and left. Later Paro start arguing with dad and dad bit me for why I argued with Paro. I Cried and later that evening he took mee to market and brought me some needy things to pleased me.

On night same thing happened as previous nights, as I waked up and silently observed, dad was thurshing above Paro in missionary and ended up Paro riding above dad. Dad was demanding her for blowing all the semen in her face but she act cunning and did her game i.e Paro riding fast to get the semen in her pussy. And then a quarrel begin. Paro start quarrelling with dad silently and she went out with only a petticoat in her body. While opening the door I saw Paro full boobs it was light dark, means not much dark not much white. And Paro warned dad, will see you. Dad ran after her wearing a lungi in his stomach. I gone for asleep waiting for next. Later that morning Paro was on nightee and when dad and me seat for break fast. She was on her cruel face and not talking or responding properly.

I went to School and later when I reach to home from school I observe dad was on leave. And was watching TV. When we had our dinner. He asked me did I want to go to mom’s place. I replied no its ok. After dinner while Paro was washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, I was about to get in to kitchen but braked myself and I stopped there watching dad grabbing Paro’s boob and
Dad: please cool down,
Paro : No, I need ur raw juice inside me. Why don’t you trust me, we start beaming nude for each othet since 4. Years.
Dad: there is nothing hidden. But u may became Pregnant that’s it.
Paro : so what ? I am married. And I am unable to bear a baby from my own husband. If I became Pregnant no 1 would even doubt you.
Dad: pls, Pls come to my room. We will discuss it.
Paro : once I go to your room, u will pull out all my coths and no discussion.
Dad: no today that won’t happen. I swear will discuss that. And come soon, I will ask Sudip ( me) to sleep soon.
Both agreed and as he promised her he ask me to sleep soon. As I heared the whole story. I acted as I have slept.
It was in dim light. Paro came in her light net type lingerie, it was nearly 10 am .
Dad hugged her and said I am in disturbed whole day please don’t act like this with me.
Paro : I have been wasting lot of your babies . And now I need 1.
Dad: ok, I will give u.
Paro : really?
Dad: Promise. But what will be in next?
Paro : I will take care of him.
Dad: no, if it will of my blood. Why u alone would do so. I will coperate you.
Paro : we have been fulfilling each of our need. It is also an essential 1.
Dad : ok baba.but not today. Could we start now.
Paro : have you ever took my formal Permission to thrush me.
Dad grab her and began foreplay.
Paro started moaning. Paro murmured darling your banana is very huge today.
Dad : for your love.

And dad start thrashing fast. Paro went above dad and have a long ride. Ride ended with dad flushing his sperm on her.  It was 1 am both became silent. And Paro went for toilet. Attached to our bathroom. She came back to bedroom happily. And said in happy mood with a bit normal voice to dad. You forgot to wear condom today. And I will concieve. Dad smiled. while he was playing her pussy with his hand. As she was nude.
In the morning I wake bit fast and saw, Paro and dad was still sleeping hugging each other.
While I was studying, Paro came out from bedroom wearing my dad’s lungi ang t- shirt and said me.
” I was sick yesterday so your dad took care of me”.
I replied are you well she said yes.
While her face was un arranged mood. As if she was fucked just before some times.

2 days later in a evening dad took both of us to a evening outing In our car.
She went beauty parlour, where me and dad waited outside. I observed she became glossy and her face start shinning day by day.
Dad ask me for her to sleep in our bedroom as she is sick , and she would sleep in my bed and me and dad in other. I replied ok.
As I was of innocent in age. I said let her sleep with us.
Dad said no need. I said no problem she will became more sick there. As she started caring me this days , I began to be friendly with her. Paro in a red nightee . Both hugged me and slept . As I act little sleepy, they began to start there game like kids. Dad pinching Paro and Paro pinching back dad. Followed by Paro pulling dad’s dick. Ending up with a spoon position I remain aside.
May be Paro’s sexual desire increased, she started to sleep with dad just after dinner regularly.
Please comment below if you want me to share what happened next and how she ended up being my step mom!

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